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School Kids Forced to Eat Whalemeat

Whale meat is ....blah!
Imagine turning up to school only to be forced by your teachers to eat whale!!!! Your parents would go mad, it would be in all the newspapers and the government would be in BIG trouble..well, this is what happened in Japan, except no one got into trouble because is was the 'government' making them eat it!

Rather than realising that only about 10 people in Japan actually still want to eat whale, the government has tried to get young kids to get a taste for whale by feeding it to them for lunch. Apart from the fact that killing whales is evil:

~ many are endangered
~ have brains similar to humans
~ the meat contains high levels of mercury
~ whale meat is ....blah!!!!

It is very 'bloody', tough and not exactly tasty. Please note, we found this out by a Japanese forum, not by actually eating any whale. Just in case you thought that Planet Patrol was taking things too far!

200,000 school lunches of whale were served up in January to the kids of Yokohama courtesy of ICR (Institute for Cetacean Research) those are the guys who actually run the whaling ships.

Japanese fishermen kill dolphins too
Those Japanese fishermen don't stop at whales. They kill 1000's of dolphins each year too, and yes, we're afraid the 'red' in the photo IS the blood of the dolphins.

Information sourced from: 28.03.08

Images sourced from:
Japanese reaction to the taste of whale & dolphin kill ~