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Planet Patrol Photography Competition

Get your camera out and start snapping as we've some great prizes to win. Click HERE to find out more!
Eco Photographers

Digital cameras have made taking a great photo easy for anyone. OK...some people just have a special eye for taking great shots, great cameras and understand the relationship between light, distance, speed and how to get the best out of the technology.

Here's some taken by us (who don't yet understand the above) and by our special guest photographer Rob Roy, (who does!). Rob is an Aussie who is living in the UK at the moment. We love his photo of these bluebells in an English wood. You can see more of Rob's great photos at:

Grab your camera (or your parents') and take a photo of something you think that shows off nature at its most amazing. Email them to us and we'll put them here for everyone to admire.

Thanks to the guys at the Australian Museum's 'Search & Discover' for identifying our bug and lizard.

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©Rob Roy

Pictures taken by Planet Patrol