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How Big's Your Footprint?

Hang your heads in shame - Australia has the 2nd highest carbon footprint in the world! The U.S. and China produce the most.

No, a carbon footprint isn't something you've trodden on, and left a trail of something nasty. Also known as an 'ecological footprint', a carbon footprint is to show how many tonnes of carbon (a greenhouse gas that increases global warming) you put into the air. For example: If you had a big 'footprint', you would be doing things like using your car to go places a lot, buying things from overseas, and leaving lights on etc. If you had a small 'footprint', you would do the opposite and use public transport, buy things locally, and turn lights off after you etc.

Examples of a Big footprint:
Use your car a lot
Heat your home with electricity
Use the airconditioner a lot
Buy food and household products that have been imported (made in other countries)
Use plastic bags at the shops
Water your garden with a hose
Leave lights on outside your house all night
Have a Plasma TV
Don't turn appliances off at the wall or power button.
Live like a carnivore on hamburgers, meat & sausages.

Examples of a Small footprint:
Use public transport
Heat home using green power electricity
Ventilate and shade house and don't over rely on airconditioning
Buy locally produced food and products
Buy a rainwater tank (using gov't subsidies) to water garden
Buy solar lights, or better still install a motion sensor for external lighting.
Use a smaller LCD TV
Turn off appliances at the wall or power button.
Eat 3 vegetarian meals per week and some kangaroo.

If we all do these little things, we can make the world a greener place!

Find out how big your footprint is by going to:

Our family measured 9 tons per year. The average Australian home produces 14.36 per year. Have a go and see how you measure up!