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Frog to save 1000's

It's not by chance that Planet Patrol has a frog as its logo. Frogs are great indicators of planet health and one frog, the paradoxical frog (called this because it's tadpoles are bigger than the adult frog...weird!!!) might save thousands of lives.

The skin of this frog contains a substance which increases the production of insulin (a chemical which people with the illness 'diabetes' don't have). Fear not frog lovers....clever scientists have made a 'synthetic' (fake) version of the subtance called 'pseudin-2' which means that no frog need lose its life...huzzah!

Pseudin-2 only helps those with 'type 2' diabetes though (the type you usually get when you're older). Diabetes means you have to VERY strictly control what you eat and the illness cause some very nasty things to happen to your body. The best way to avoid getting diabetes when you're older is to stay fit, healthy and not be overweight. They don't know what causes diabetes 'type 1' in children but it might be genetic.

Photo of Psuedis paradoxa (paradoxical frog) by Takeshi Ebinuma; via
Information sourced from: 3.03.08 'Is this frog the answer to diabetes?'