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Planet Patrol Wins NEWS.COM Green Award

What seems like months ago, NEWS.COM (a media group owned by the Murdoch family - Daily Telegraph, Foxtel, The Australian etc) announced a competition for people doing great things in the environment.

We were nominated and were really pleased when we heard we were one of just four finalists in the Junior Green Hero category.

Then we found out we had to get votes. Poor mum had to drop everything to harass people into voting for us. Anyway, thank you so much for all of you who did vote for us, we really appreciated the support.

In the end it was a panel of scientists who made the final decision though and we're very pleased to say they voted for us.

Now you might all be wondering what we won....(Immie starts dreaming here....) well, we got a trip to Hawaii to study the volcano lava flows, $5000 to cover website expenses and a new computer plus we get to be 'extras' in the next Dr Who series....(OK, this is where the dream ends......)
No, we're very sorry to say that we didn't get a sausage! They are getting a certificate printed-up for us though...and we did get the Planet Patrol listed on the website for a couple of weeks. Sigh....a nice dream though!

Here's what was on the website