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Hail Heliocol!

Thousands of cars were damaged in the hailstorms
Sydney recently had some terrible hailstorms. The storm appeared from nowhere and the size of the ice balls were so big that no one could get out to their cars to protect them. The wind was shocking and rocked our house and blew the hailstones horizontal. Afterwards we had a big pile of hailstones piled-up around our house.

There were 1000's of damaged cars, roofs, 100's of trees were torn-up. The pony club our friend Natalie goes to had loads of trees down which crushed a building and their fences. My harp teacher, Claire, had a big tree in her front garden fall over - and it took her driveway with it!!!

Our Heliocol solar panels survived the hailstones!
We had garden ornaments and lights smashed, our car was dinged all over, but....our Heliocol solar pool heating system, sitting up there on our roof survived! Brilliant stuff Heliocol because we looked at the sorry state of other solar roof systems around us and we can see that they're in tatters.

See our story 'Solar Energy' for more info.

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