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Horse Horror in China!

Help stop this cruelty now
The crowd aplauds as a 30 stone lion leaps onto a horse, and clings there while it trots around the arena. Not only has this Chinese circus trick shocked me, but it also has disgusted me. The poor horse must be terrified as one of the most fierce animals leaps onto its back. There are some photos of this happening, but even the thought of it sickened me. The horse was terrified out of its wits!

The lion appeared to have had all of its teeth and nails taken out. Not only do lions do this trick, but tigers as well. Yes, that's the spirit China, let's just endanger and humiliate lions AND tigers! (sarcasm!)

Another of China's cruel zoo tricks are at the Xiogsen Bear and Tiger Mountain village. There, live animals are fed to tigers. A tiger with a muzzle on, is put into a cage with an ox. It tries to kill its prey, but cannot because of the muzzle.

Fortuntely, organisations like Save China's Tigers are trying to put a stop to this cruelty. I would have many 'words' to say to the people who think it's funny to watch this insufferable cruelty, but as it would be a bad idea to say them on this website, I will just say this "Stop this terrible cruelty - NOW!!!!"

You can help stop it. Go to: and sign the petition.

By Freya

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