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Science of Survival

What: Science of Survival Exhibition
Where: Science Museum, London
Why: To educate kids about how to 'survive' without killing the planet!

As we have said before in our previous article about Questacon:'s just not possible to be bored in a museum.

The word 'museum' may conjur up a picture of an old man with pants up to his armits lecturing you about some ancient artifact, but nowdays, they are very different. One of these museums is the Science Museum, London.

At the moment, it is doing an interactive exhibition called 'The Science of Survival'. It's all about new technologies, and basically how to survive in a world which we are polluting so badly.

You go around the exhibit accompanied by four virtual guides.

You will face challenges like finding water in unusual places, designing super foods and making the kind of neighbourhood you'd like to live in.

The Science of Survival is a hands-on exhibit that 'takes you on a journey of possibilities for our future'.

It sounds a great way to teach us about what we're doing to our environment, and the drastic changes that we'll have to put into our lifestyle in order to save our planet. The display is at the Science Museum till 2 November.

Can't get to London? Then go to the
Loads of games and fun there for you.

Images, thanks to: Michael Barrett at the Science Museum, London.