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Revenge of the Nerds!

Tryhards - fail miserably

Nerds may not stand out as one of the more important groups at school, but Dr Martin Forsey from the University of West Australia, has found that students from 'unpopular' groups are starting to seek revenge at end of year formals through vote rigging (getting everyone to vote for an 'unpopular') and arriving in an attention getting way, like boys in wedding dresses or dressing as a vampire.

Dr Martin Forsey also identified the various groups in a school as 'scraggy girls' (unpopular and unattractive), try-hards and the party girls,(the god of all groups). However, we reckon that different schools and regions have different named groups. We identified:

Emos - look depressed

Populars = show their bras, hitch-up their dresses, giggle, get into bitch fights and are unintelligent.
Tryhards = do everything they can to look like Populars (wear too much make-up etc) but fail horribly.
Homos = Like a tryhard but get overexcited about random things, wave their hands around a lot and shriek.
Nerds = wear their pants far too high, have top button done-up, geeky glasses.
Emos = wear a lot of black make-up, goth hair and huddle in small groups looking depressed.
The Rest = all those who don't belong to one of the above groups!

Populars - not popular after all!
The interesting thing about 'populars' is that although a lot of people are interested in what they do and want to copy them, no one actually likes them...weird!

Adults tell us that there were 'populars' back in their day too, and none of them ever turned out to remember that! However, if you want some of the good things that make 'populars' popular, then go to:
It tells you how! (sorry guys, couldn't find anything on how to be a popular boy!)

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