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School of Wind
Gorran, Cornwall, UK
It can get pretty windy up on those Cornish headlands! This was a fact not lost on the students and teachers of Gorran School. They set to work getting grants of 55,000 to build a 15 metre high wind turbine.

Not only will this save the school about 85% of its fuel bill (around 5,000 per year) but it is making an important statement about using all methods available to reduce CO2 emmissions.

The power generated, 3.5kW, is enough to run the school AND heat their outdoor swimming pool. Not only that, they can sell any spare back to the energy grid at 10p(25 cents) per unit.

We bet the students have all learnt lots about alternative energies in the process and will be all set to be leaders of change. Well done Gorran!

A wind turbine
Matthew Oakley, the Principal of Gorran School is going to get some of the students of Gorran to write more about their fantastic scheme when they get back from their summer holidays.

Want to know more? Here's a story on it:

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