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What the ?.....

This is a collection of clips which we either thought were clever, cool or made us stare blankly at the screen and go "what the ?............."

Take a look by clicking on each picture. Don't forget to let us know if any of these clips no longer works or if you know of video clips that you'd like to share.

Budweiser Horses - in a snowball fight!
Some seriously good dancing
A strange Japanese school bag advert!
Strange but funky vegetables!
Clever: Medieval pop music
What the?... How to impress people....not!
Clever: Don't you wish you could dress this fast?
Our favourite film clip ever. A badger who just
wants the world to let him sleep.
What the? We just hope it's not your parents
in with this mad lot!
Scary Japanese potty-training film
Can you play Numberwang?
Gummi Bear.
Will be in your head for the next week!
Definitely in the 'what the ?...." category:
The Poo Dance
Cool: Do you believe in UFO's?...well you might after this