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60 Earth Hour - Update!

You can read all about Earth Hour, organised by the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) in our 'previous stories' section.

It will run again next year bigger than ever!

Light some candles or make your own!
Miss Julie Hill and class S2J of Beaumont Hills Public School got in touch with us and gave us some of their ideas for 60 Earth Hours. Let's hope they had a great time - and here are some of their ideas so you can start planning some activities for next year.

What ideas can you come up with to make Earth Hour fun?

• Invite your friends over, hide in the dark and jump out and say ‘Boo!’ to scare them.

• Invite some friends to play a game you have made up.

• Put on a white sheet and scare your whole family!

• Play some scary, daring games with your siblings.

• Play ‘murder in the dark’ for a whole hour!

• Have a candle light dinner with a group of friends.

• Tell lots of stories with your family around some candles.

• Play with some toys or board games under candle light.

• Have a sleepover with friends.

A BIG 'thank you' to Class: S2J
School: Beaumont Hills Public School

You can also log onto:

What will you do differently to save energy. Did you know that just switching electrical appliances off at the power point would cut electricity demand by up to 11 per cent? An easy-peasy thing to do is to go shopping with your parents then get them to stock-up on energy saving light bulbs. Bingo! An 80% saving in your family's power consumption for lighting! But make sure you don't put the 'CFL' (compact fluoroscent bulbs) in your normal rubbish bin at home as they contain mercury (see Alastair's story 'Energy Saving Lightbulbs')

If you would like to read more, check out these documents sent to us by the WWF:

Story by Imogen Wadlow

References: SMH, 16 December 2006, 'Sydney leading light in hour of no power'.
Thank you to the World Wide Fund For Nature for images.
Ghost image from WebWeaver.