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Action! - What we're doing to help - click on the thumbnail to read more
Save the Trees Working Day ~ Saturday 30 August 2008
Yet again we letterbox dropped around 400 homes in the area.Find out how we got on.
Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs
CFLs contain mercury. Read how we're trying to make sure they get disposed of properly, and find out where you can take your old ones.
We made a difference!
We got together and tidied up the Elizabeth Chaffey Reserve. We chopped down privet, cleared rubbish and planted native trees. Find out how we did it.
Beautify the School!
We're planning to make our school look a lot more colourful. Find out how.
Planet Patrol Information Stall
We think our Info Stall is a great way to get our message out!
Getting Local Businesses to use Australian Copypaper
Our campaign hasn't been very successful so far.
International Women's Day 2008
We were invited to our Shire Council's celebration for women's day. Find out what happened there.
Recycling Mobile Phones
We recycled 38 phones and got $90 for our school. Read how you can, too.
Eco-Panel Exhibition in Japan
We didn't go to Japan, but our posters did!
Political Action
Politics may not be interesting, but they're important.
Warm Welcome at Walmley
We visited our cousin's school in the UK. See the pictures here.
Voices against Whaling
There are arguments for whaling, but many more against it. Read them here.
Volvo Adventure
Each year Volvo (the car makers) gives everyone the great opportunity to show the world the work they have been doing for the environment. Red more here.