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Devil Dolphins!
Dolphins may look like they're smiling, but that's just the way their mouths are shaped. Find out about their darker side here.
Science of Survival
It's impossible to be bored in a museum - especially this one!
Sydney Royal Easter Show Versus England's Royal Show!
We visited both - find out what we thought.
The Cloud Appreciation Society.
Learn to love clouds - even when they're raining on you!
Wrights Road Park - a community victory
After much delay, the Wrights Road Park and Community Centre is finally underway
60 Earth Hours
Green A4 Paper That's White!
Are you using recycled paper? If not, why not!?
Energy Saving Lightbulbs
Why you should never put them in the bin.
How Big's Your Footprint?
No, we're not talking about your size 13 trainers, but your Carbon Footprint. Find out more here!
Frog Pond Update!
Find out what we discovered when we cleaned out our frog pond.
What The...? UPDATED
A collection of clips which we thought were clever or cool or made us stare blankly at the screen and go "what the..?"
Solar Energy
Discover all about solar energy and how we use it to heat our pool.
Make A Difference In 2 Minutes
Write to the politicians to get things done. We tell you who to write to - and where.
Frog to save 1000's
The paradoxical frog may help with Type 2 diabetes. Find out how.
Australian Government's YOUTH 2020
We're sorry we weren't allowed to be part of it, but will follow it for you. Want to know more?
What do you get if you cross a Mouse with an Elephant?
A surprised mouse? No, you get Rhynochocyon Udzungwensis. Read here.
Hairy Hair Care
Do all those chemicals in shampoo mean your hair feels better? We find out!
Whale Vomit for Sale!
Yes, really! And it's worth quite a lot!
Council takes money meant for kids' park
Click here and please sign the petition.
Sick Buildings
Are office buildings making us sick? Find out what your printer could be doing to you!
The Great Whale Tale
Does finding out what whales taste like count as "research"? We don't think so!
What do you get if you cross a Mouse with an Elephant?
A surprised mouse? No, you get Rhynochocyon Udzungwensis. Read more here.
Hairy Hair Care
Do all those chemicals in shampoo mean your hair feels better? We find out!
Frog Pond Update!
Find out what we discovered when we cleaned out our frog pond.
What is Oil... and how much is left?
How is oil made? How do they find it? How long will it last? Find out here.
AGL says "Pull Your Fingers Out"!
Paul Anthony says Australia needs more renewable energy.
Whales Catch Posh Spice Disease!
Whales with Prada handbags? No, but they have been getting very skinny.
Plans to Switch-off Standby!
Do you know how much power you waste leaving your gadgets in standby? Find out here!
Only 3% of mobile phones are recycled in Sydney!
Would you throw your mobie phone in the bin if it was like throwing money away? We don't think so!
Just 10 minutes using a mobile phone could cause cancer!
Using your mobile phone may not be as safe as you think!
Iceland Stops Whaling......Not!
They have stopped whaling, but they'll still be doing "scientific whaling".
Are Your Family Toxic Dumpers?
You should never put anything your father cooks down the sink!
Rescue Machine Based on Furry Mole!
They may look like cute furry critters, but nothing digs like the European Mole. Except the BIDIBOT.
Save, Donate, Support!
Everyone has their favourite charity. Here's how you can help yours.
How Farting Cows Can Help Your Homework Blues!
Cow and sheep 'emissions' are ruining our environment. Find out how!
The National Seal Sanctuary
Read about our visit to the sanctuary in Cornwall.
Wot a Load of Rubbish!
Which country is the best at waste control?
The Blood Moon
Read about the total lunar eclipse we saw in August.
Build Your Own Frog Pond
We show you how to build a pond to attract wildlife to your garden.
Dame Stephanie Shirley
Dame Stephanie Shirley is a 'highly successful entrepreneur turned passionate philanthropist. Read more about her here.
Bacteria and the Black Death
What connects a nursery rhyme, buboes and flea puke? Find out here!
Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve
Find out what made our shoes glow in the dark!
Turn Your Mobile Phone into...
a Fence Post...or a Frog Pond! Why you should recycle rather than dump your old phones.
Phone Book?..Chuck it in the Bin
..the Recycling Bin, of course. Phone books are another thing that you should recycle.
Light Pollution
Have you ever been in the city and looked up at the sky and only seen a couple of stars? Find out why.
100 Ways To Save The Planet
Find out how you can do your bit for the environment.
Green Bags Aren't Green At All!
Some "Green" bags are made of plastic and take 500 years to degrade. Find out why you should use fabric bags instead.
Pesky Plastic Bags
Plastic bags take 1000 years to degrade and kill marine animals. Say No to them!
Cameo Place Reserve
This home of the Red Crowned Toadlet needs our help. Read about what we plan to do.
Revolt Against Too Much Packaging!
With all the interest in using Green Bags, you would think someone would be taking a serious look at that the amount of packaging that things come in.
Start Your Own Project!
Interested in starting your own community project? It's not as hard as you think. You'll be surprised how many people will want to get involved.
What's In The Fish You Eat?
Fish are taking in chemicals such as pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. So you have to be really careful where the fish you eat are from.
Frog Update!
Check out the last surviving froglet from last year's resident Striped Marsh Frogs.
Goldfish Can Read
Maybe not 'War and Peace', but they're brighter than you think!
Robert The Giant Bunny To Feed Korea!
If Koreans see 10kg rabbits, they're not dreaming!
Cutest Pandas In The World!
The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center in China
Scientists Told By U.S. To Save World!
The things the U.S. will do to avoid signing the Kyoto treaty! Shiny umbrellas to reflect the sun?
500 Top Scientists Meet in Paris
Scientists are meeting as part of the UN's 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change'
Wot The?
The Japanese eat whales and now their Women are "Child-Bearing Machines" according to the Japanese Health Minister! Read more here.
101 Dalmatians - Real Life!
That fur coat could be made from dog or cat fur - read the story here.
Tips For Your Frog Pond
Find out how to keep your frog pond in tip-top condition.
Local Plants Bamboozled by Bamboo
Bamboo has been classified as a noxious (very bad) weed here in Sydney. Find out why.
The Dolphins Of Jervis Bay
We boarded the cruise ship "Tekin 3" on a rainy day to visit the dolphins. Find out what happened.
A New Neighbour Moves In
Read about the Striped Marsh frog who came to visit.
The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind
Do you ever wonder where your electricity comes from? We asked Denise Ryan, who is the Corporate Environment Manager at Integral Energy a few questions about the electricity supply in NSW.
Harry The Blue Tongue Lizard
When our Border Collie found a Blue Tongue Lizard we ended up at the vets. Read the story here.
No 'Tick' Of Approval....
Find out all the facts about that Creepy Critter - the Tick!
The Day After Tomorrow
We're responsible for many of the diasters on our planet. Find out why.
There's Something Fishy...
Although killing whales for their meat has been internationally banned since 1986, countries like Japan, Iceland and Norway still kill whales.
A Prickly Problem For Europe's Hedgehogs
Hedgehog numbers are going down and no one is sure why. Read more here.
SOS - Save Our Salmon!
Some species are in danger of being overfished. Find out which ones you should buy.
Does the idea of spending a whole day wandering around a museum horrify you? Well, you obviously haven't been to Questacon.
Glue From Frogs
Australian researchers have fixed torn cartilage on the knees of sheep with "goo" from frogs.
Rats In The Roof
Imagine lying in bed when you suddenly hear this insane noise that sounds like someone scratching on the floor of the attic to get out.
Meet the Hon. Greg Hunt MP
Mr Hunt seems to really want to help young people to have a say and he is actually interested in the environment.
Coral Bleaching
Coral may look like a weird underwater plant, but it is actually a living animal. Find out what's happening to our coral reefs.
Endangered Eels
Australian eels are now getting close to being endangered. Why? And what can you do about it?
Speaking out at Bushcare Day!
Immy gave an impromptu speech at the Baulkham Hills Shire Council's 'Bush Care Day'. Click on the icon to see a short video.