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Planet Patrol Wins NEWS.COM Green Award
We were one of just four finalists in the Junior Green Hero category.
60 Earth Hour
School of Wind
No, not THAT kind of wind - a school powered by wind turbine!
Frog to save 1000's
The paradoxical frog may help with Type 2 diabetes. Find out how.
Nerds Rule
Are you a popular, an emo or a tryhard? Or maybe you're proud to be a nerd!
School Kids forced to eat Whale Meat
It's cruel and it tastes blah but japanese children are being forced to eat whale.
Horse Horror in China!
Help stop this cruel "entertainment".
Solar Handbag
Read about this - and some solar powered clothing!
Hail Heliocol!
Our solar panels survived the hailstorms, but some people weren't so lucky!
Whale Vomit for Sale!
Yes, really! And it's worth quite a lot!
Moko the Dolphin saves Whales!
Clever Moko saves a pair of stranded whales!
It's not called "Junk Mail" for nothing!
No wonder our trees are disappearing.