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Wanted - Eco Journalists!
Get the chance to be an eco-journalist. If you’ve an environmental suggestion or just have something interesting you’d like to tell us, then send your story to us and it may well be published on the Planet Patrol website. 

You can contact Planet Patrol by using the feedback space on this website or you can email us on:

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Take a peek at our projects and the things we get up to.

Planet Patrol in the Press and spreading their message around the planet.

What The...? UPDATED
A collection of clips which we thought were clever or cool or made us stare blankly at the screen and go "what the..?"
Competition - Enter Here!
Recycling Game
Thank you to circul8 for letting us use their great recycling game. Click the image to go to the Games page.
Devil Dolphins!
Dolphins may look like they're smiling, but that's just the way their mouths are shaped. Find out about their darker side here.

Planet Patrol Wins NEWS.COM Green Award
We were one of just four finalists in the Junior Green Hero category.
Save the Trees Working Day ~ Saturday 30 August 2008
Yet again we letterbox dropped around 400 homes in the area.Find out how we got on.
The Cloud Appreciation Society.
Learn to love clouds - even when they're raining on you!
Science of Survival
It's impossible to be bored in a museum - especially this one!
Wrights Road Park - a community victory
After much delay, the Wrights Road Park and Community Centre is finally underway
Sydney Royal Easter Show Versus England's Royal Show!
We visited both - find out what we thought.
How Big's Your Footprint?
No, we're not talking about your size 13 trainers, but your Carbon Footprint. Find out more here!
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