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Pledge for Paper!

These companies/organisations have agreed to purchase Australian recycled paper which contains 50 to 100% of paper sourced from Australian landfill and wood pulp which is grown sustainably (unlike cheaper overseas imports). By paying a few cents more per ream they are helping to grow jobs in Australia, green our environment and reduce global warming.

Please support the following companies

We agree to purchase mostly Australian recycled paper which will:
  • help save our trees
  • reduce water pollution
  • improve air quality
  • reduce global warming
  • save habitats and wildlife
  • provide jobs for Australians
Please EMAIL US if you would like to support the Paper Pledge. We will then add your details to the table below.

Organisation/Company Description of Sales or Services Contact/Website Details
Planet Patrol Environmental education & online community for kids (parents & teachers) who care about our planet. Lobbies politicians for greater action on climate change & investment in environmental technologies.